"Si no me perdonas, es mejor morir.."


I know

I know that I mess up.
I’m sorry that I get mad and jealous, and make you feel bad. I’m sorry you’re not always happy with me. I’m sorry that we have problems because of me.

Never in my life have I cried so much, never in my life have I felt a pain like this. A pain that won’t let me do anything, a pain that causes me to just sit there and stare into nothing. With tears in my eyes, but they don’t fall.

There’s a knot in my throat, and I can’t talk. My legs are numb, I can’t get up from where I sit. My heart slows down, and I feel I can’t breathe. But once in a while I get a breath, and I lose it all.

The tears spill, my mind races along with my breathing and heart rate.
And still I sit there, no sound, no movement. Just a girl with a breaking heart.

It’s like the world is crumbling, falling around me. It’s scary. To be in this situation.


Because I love you. Yes I’m young, but there was a time that people fell in love this young and died old together. There was a time when true love existed, no matter how old you were.

So yes I am young, but I know what love is. I found it.

I love you. 

"I’ll just sleep until I’m done crying…"

"I’ve been to hell and back, but this shit, it’s so much worse.
I love you."

"I can take on anything with one hand, if you’re holding the other.

"Some wounds don’t ever HEAL, you just learn to DEAL with the pain"

"Who do you go to if the only person that can make you feel better is the one who made you sad?"